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Learn How To Do Stand Up Comedy

Learn from Joe Falzarano. He's an award winning comedy producer, writer, and teacher who's been serious about comedy for over 20 years. His beginners stand up comedy class is THE class recommended by LA's #1 comedy club - the Hollywood Improv.

Joe helped launch the careers of many of today's best comedians including Jon Stewart, Louis C.K., Dave Attell, Greg Giraldo, and Dave Chappelle while running the New York Improv, Carolines on Broadway, and producing the award winning TV series "Carolines Comedy Hour." 

If you want to be a stand up comedian, comedy writer, funny public speaker, or just inject more fun into your life, the guidance of LA's best comedy teacher is available to you.

Joe easily breaks down the comedy writing and performing process. He shares all the vital techniques, secrets and skills used by A-List comedians to create great comedy material. You'll go from ideas, to writing and performing a five minute set at the Hollywood Improv in just 6 weeks!  

Best of all, Joe keeps things fun, while continually challenging you to make great choices.  Sign up now and experience the results for yourself!

Next Stand Up Comedy Class Starts

Mondays in Santa Monica 7pm - 10pm

2015 SOLD OUT Sign Up for 2016 NOW!

Jan 11 - Feb 15, 2016 $350.00 3 spots open
Feb 29 - Apr 4, 2016 $350.00 10 spots open


Saturdays in Santa Monica 11am - 2pm

Jan 16 - Feb 20, 2016 $350.00 4 spots open
Feb 27 - Apr 2, 2016 $350.00 9 spots open

Joe's stand up comedy class will teach you how to:

  • Pull apart your ideas
  • Write funny jokes
  • Edit, tighten, and refine your material
  • Maximize your laughs per minute
  • Develop your own unique comedy voice
  • Connect to an audience
  • Develop stage style and delivery
  • Overcome stage fright


Everything you learn can be applied to:


  • Public Speaking
  • Storytelling
  • Auditions
  • Meetings
  • Pitches
  • Scripts
  • Shows
  • Books
  • Blogs

More rad things you get taking Joe's stand up comedy class:

  • You'll perform at the comedy club the Hollywood Reporter called "The Ivy League of Stand Up Comedy Clubs..." the World Famous Hollywood Improv!

  • Unlike some teachers who hand you off to another instructor, Joe teaches every one of his classes.

  • After your Graduation Show you may get asked to perform at other top L.A. clubs like The Comedy Store.

  • Easy access to Joe between classes to help you throughout the 6-week joke writing process.

  • Each class is limited to just 12 students. The small class size allows for more meaningful, individual attention.

Check out what Joe's students are saying...

"I decided I was gonna give stand up a shot. I had no idea what to do or where to go. I asked around town and LA Stand-Up's kept being recommended so I decided to give it a shot. Wow so glad I did. Joe gave me the platform, tools and knowledge I needed. This was the best thing I could have done for my comedy writing and career. Since taking Joe's class I've become a paid comic working with Chris Delia, Marc Maron, Bill Burr, and performing over 600 shows my first year! I wish I worked with Joe 5 years ago. Thanks Joe, you rock." - Dean Delray

"Joe is so much more than a teacher, he is truly a mentor who cares about the people he helps. Amazing in his ability to provide an effective class that helped transform my writing. He also gives creative insights that spark your imagination and enthusiasm for writing stand up comedy."- Jeannette Rizzi

Joe's class is a necessity if you think you want to do stand-up.  He knows stand-up inside and out, and knows what he's talking about (just look at the guy's resume).  Joe pushed me past the "happy, ha-ha let's joke about cats" and got me to dive into deeper material and edit it into something actually funny.  He emphasizes the basics that separate the good comics from the not-so-good and sets up a perfect foundation for great joke writing.  He's very generous in working with material that you send him as well.  I've taken the class twice and may take it again. - Peter Marr

Over my 10 years in Los Angeles I have spent thousands on various performing workshops, classes and coaches and the 6 classes I had with Joe produced more results than all of those put together.  It’s a long story but I had completely given up on performing and never intended to return to a stage, but got bored and decided to try stand up.  No way would I have come so far so quickly without Joe’s help.  I know I am very far from becoming a pro but I am inspired and cannot wait to take the stage again (which I will be doing along with my classmates at The Comedy Store, thanks to Joe)  Plus, me and a few of my classmates have started a stand up writer's group!

- Jenna McQuestion

"Joe teaches students what they need to know about stand up comedy from "A - Z," everything from finding you own original comic persona to mic technique. This class will definitely speed up your ability to write funny material, and gives you a strong foundation that will stay with you forever."
- Chris Kenny

"I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, Joe. Our graduation show at the Improv was such fun, there was such solidarity with our class. You made us all feel confident, you brought out the best in each of us, and you were right there to cheer us on. My family and friends had a spectacular time. I enjoyed it all. We all did. How lucky we are to have found your class. You are an inspiration!"- Pam Wick

"Wanna write/perform comedy?  Take Joe's class!  I've had friends take comedy classes and they all tell me the same thing.   The instructor tells you how to write jokes the way they think a joke should be written.   Joe doesn't do this.  Joe coaches you into learning how to write FOR YOU.   ....or at least I know I did.  The great thing about this class is that it is ran like a writer's room.   After Joe has finished his lesson, you get to work with your classmates on your writing.   Receiving notes from Joe and your classmates will help push your writing to the next level.  Not to mention that the last class is a sold out performance at the The Hollywood Improv.   Even for the folks that don't want to pursue a career in comedy, I highly recommend taking this class and performing once.   There is nothing out there like it."
- Ryan Kennedy

"Joe created the kind of safe, supportive, atmosphere that immediately gave me the courage to try doing stand up and the freedom to experiment with my writing and to freely create jokes. I was a total beginner, and the class Improv appearance quickly led to The Comedy Store and other venues around town. I keep getting invited to appear and I love doing it!  I really encourage all beginners to simply start here and let Joe help you find your comedy legs!"

Steve Dunham

"Joe's class blew me away. His approach and knowledge of the stand up comedy business is awesome. I feel more inspired to write than I have in years. It's the best thing I've ever done for my career and my creative spirit!" - Jackie Maruschak

"I just completed LA Stand-Ups 6 week course. It was a great experience! The 6 week course provides practical comedy fundamentals while we develop our own set. The course ends with the students performing at the Hollywood Improv in a real show. It was great for me! My classmates were cool and Joe is an invested instructor. He provides you with all his information and we can always contact him with any questions. Plus I am inspired to continue working on stand up--that has immense value to me. Take the class if want to perform but need a kick in the tail!" - Shaelan McDonough

"I have just indulged myself in Joe's delightfully fun Beginner Stand-Up class.  In just a month and a half, I have a better understanding of how to write, edit, and deliver jokes, and build confidence in performing them. Joe is friendly, down-to-earth, knowledgeable, funny, and encouraging.  He even makes himself available outside of class to give notes or suggestions to his students.  No matter your level, skills, or experience, Joe can take any unique individual, and make them into a solid comic!  He provides a safe environment for you to try out "your stuff", and gives ample feedback to set you up for success.  Class was spent laughing 85% of the time, and thanks to Joe, all of my classmates are walking around today with six pack abs!  I'm happy to have found LA Stand-Ups and would recommend it to anyone looking for something else to do with their "pie-hole"!" - Allyson Demunda

"Joe's stand up comedy class is intense.  His experience and insight helps you grow as a comedian.  He challenges students to explore their potential.  I would recommend his class to beginners and experienced comics that want to workout their writing skills and stage performance." Vince Royale

I recently took the beginners' stand up class and I loved it! Absolutely no experience is necessary to learn stand up. Joe does a fantastic job helping you mold your routine into something presentable and he's very encouraging with all his students. Everyone gets individual attention as every week you get a chance to workshop your material in front of the class. It's a great class and Joe's a great teacher. The graduation performance at the Hollywood Improv was a blast as well. Highly recommended for anyone interested in stand up. - Laura Harburton

"Joe's class changed everything.  I went from being nervous and unsure if I could even do stand up, to booking shows all around town and performing with confidence.  It's rare to get to study under someone who has it so ingrained in them you can't help but absorb their knowledge and enthusiasm and do so in such a fun and supportive environment." Chris Wievl

"Joe was EXACTLY what I needed as a new stand up comedian. Before Joe's class I would jump on stage only to BOMB, then I would go home and think about killing myself. At least now I don't BOMB anymore.  After taking Joe's class I am now able to "DROP FIRE" constantly on the audience.  Joe is a professional in the true sense of the word.  I was able to go through my vast amounts of material with him and cut down the excess fat that was standing in the way of the "true funny".  Even if you don't have any material Joe will help you find it.  Lastly, Joe taught me how to network and actually get work as a Stand-up Comedian... All I can say is...thanks Joe!"  - David Vaughn

"Joe's stand up class rules!  He gave me invaluable advice on my routine that translated into big laughs on stage.  With Joe you get the feedback of a writing partner and the professional advice of a manager.  I would strongly recommend his classes to anybody who is interested in stand up or comedy writing, no matter what stage in your career.  Don't waste your time with others -- Joe is the man!!!" Isaac Gonzalez

Joe is a great teacher and has a wealth of knowledge to share from years of experience.  The class is great and a ton of fun.  It's amazing how much Joe squeezes into the classes.  Everything from writing jokes, stage presence, delivery, nervousness, to how to handle the mic... literally, everything you need to know to be a comic.  If you're thinking of giving stand up a shot, or just need to work on your act, Joe's class is a great environment for doing it.
- Ben Doty

I was always interested in standup and when I found Joe's class I thought, "why not?" First, Joe's a pro and he knows what he's doing (unlike most LA workshops I've wasted time/money with).  Because of him, I'm a much better joke writer and I learned how to be a performer. Our graduation was performing at the world famous Hollywood Improv and it was an amazing experience to be part of a professional show!  AND because of that show, I was invited to perform at the Belly Room of The Comedy Store!  I never expected to have the balls to do this, but Joe helped me find my balls! Can't say enough good about Joe.  He's a great guy, he's naturally funny, and he brings out the best in every one of his students.  Class act all the way.  You won't be disappointed. - Kristen Holloway

Joe's class helped me develop an original comedic voice and avoid the usual pitfalls of a rookie comic. And the class includes a showcase at the Improv - which is one big boatload of gravy. - Ian Jasper

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Class size is limited to only 12 students. Sign up today!

For more info call 310-916-8761 or email