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"Since taking Joe's class I've become a paid comic working with Chris Delia and performing over 600 shows my first year! I wish I worked with Joe 5 years ago. Thanks Joe, you rock."

- Dean Delray


"At last, a how-to class by someone who actually knows how to."
-Dave Boone, WGA Award Nominated Writer

"Joe is more than a teacher -- he is a motivator. Since class, I've been creating quality material at a blistering pace. His critiques are direct, comprehensive, and honest. The skills I learned in this class will benefit me throughout my career."-Beth Dover

"Joe definitely knows the field of comedy writing, especially the little ins and outs that are virtually impossible to discover on your own. The class was definitely worth my time and money!"- Chris Staats

"I can't tell you how valuable it is to have someone like Joe guide me and believe in me.  It's exactly what I was looking for."
-Elvis Winterbottom, Comedian 

"It's one thing to impart knowledge, it's quite another to inspire passion in others. Joe is a genuinely gifted teacher and I hope he continues giving to successive groups of writers, because what he gives is a lot." - Courtney Scheuerman

"Joe's class helped me develop an original comedic voice and avoid the usual pitfalls of a rookie comic. And the class includes a showcase at the Improv - which is one big boatload of gravy."  - Ian Jasper

"Joe's a talented stand-up teacher with a genuine desire to help comedians grow."
- Marc Campbell

1-Day Seminar
How To Think And Act Like A Stand Up Comedian

"An introduction to stand up comedy"

Joe's highly acclaimed seminar is a crash course into the world of stand up comedy and joke writing.

In one jam packed day you will learn:

  • Why we laugh
  • What keeps us from laughing
  • How to mine the funny out of the things in your life that are driving you crazy
  • 20 ways to rediscover your funnybone and instantly create laughter
  • How to think like a comedian and write jokes
  • The essential components for all jokes
  • How to discover and embrace your own unique point-of-view
  • How to connect and relate to an audience
  • How to overcome stage fright
  • How to get good, get noticed, then make money
  • 12 ways to make money being funny

Best of all, you'll discover how to laugh at yourself and reconnect to your funnybone. Everything you learn can be applied to:

  • Public Speaking
  • Storytelling
  • Auditions
  • Meeting
  • Pitches
  • Shows
  • Scripts
  • Books
  • Blogs

Choose from one of three convenient locations - Santa Monica, Hollywood, or Orange County.


Due to overwhelming demand, Joe had been focusing on his 6-Week Stand Up Courses, but new One-Day Seminar dates are coming soon.


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