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"At last, a how-to class by someone who actually knows how to."
-Dave Boone, WGA Award Nominated Writer


"Since taking Joe's class I've become a paid comic working with Chris Delia and performing over 600 shows my first year! I wish I worked with Joe 5 years ago. Thanks Joe, you rock."

- Dean Delray

"Joe is more than a teacher -- he is a motivator. Since class, I've been creating quality material at a blistering pace. His critiques are direct, comprehensive, and honest. The skills I learned in this class will benefit me throughout my career." --Beth Dover

"Joe definitely knows the field of comedy writing, especially the little ins and outs that are virtually impossible to discover on your own. The class was definitely worth my time and money!" --Chris Staats

"I can't tell you how valuable it is to have someone like Joe guide me and believe in me.  It's exactly what I was looking for."
-Elvis Winterbottom, Comedian 

"It's one thing to impart knowledge, it's quite another to inspire passion in others. Joe is a genuinely gifted teacher and I hope he continues giving to successive groups of writers, because what he gives is a lot." -- Courtney Scheuerman

"Joe's a talented stand-up teacher with a genuine desire to help comedians grow."
- Marc Campbell, Owner, The Westside Eclectic

Private Sessions

In person. by phone, via Skype

Need help writing...

  • Better jokes or honing your persona
  • Spec Scripts and Late Night TV submission packets
  • Jokes for speeches, presentations, or parties

Joe's happy to assist. He works with dozens of people privately (in person, via Skype, or by phone) at very reasonable rates. His goal is to inspire you to develop, write, and perform really funny jokes that work for any type of audience.

Joe is an award winning comedy producer, writer, and fanatic who helped launch the stand-up comedy and writing careers of Jon Stewart, Louis CK, Dave Attell, Greg Giraldo, Dave Chappelle and many others.

Perhaps he can help you too?

For further winning guidance, please call 310-916-8761 or email Joe at Info@LAStandUps.com to arrange whatever you need.


One Hour Private Session


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      For more info call 310-916-8761 or email Info@LAStandUps.com